Being Successful With Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. His family owns the Amway Corporation. DeVos is not shy when it come to work, he believes that it instills discipline, especially at a young age. He remembers when the business was in the basement of their home and also greeting a host of people at the Amway convention. As he grew older, he began speaking in front of the attendees and demonstrating the Amway products.

With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration which he received from Northwood University, he went on to the Harvard Business School but didn’t graduate. However, he received honorary doctorates from Central Michigan and Northwood University. He began his career at Amway holding diverse positions such as sales, manufacturing, and marketing – just to mention a few. Then in 1984 things changed for DeVos when he was named vice president for the overseas operation.

DeVos’ hard work and attention to detail paid off. For the first time in Amway’s history the international market outdid the America sales. In 1986 the international market made up about five percent of the Amway sales. DeVos left the company in 1991 to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Orlando Magic, a team that the family owned. By 1993 he returned to Amway running the company as President. You can see his full career history here:

Dick is also a philanthropist and gives away money to a variety of worthy causes. Forbes reported that in 2014 the DeVos family gave away $94 million through their family foundation. This generosity goes to education, health and community services, faith based organization. A significant amount of money is being distributed to support the arts. The DeVos family hopes that as the years progress more and more people will also give to charities. The largest portion of donations were handed out in the Grands Rapid area. This is were Dick was born. Dick gives his father credit for encouraging his philanthropic behavior by setting an example for him from a young age, as he has done for his own children.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

After spending $40 million to run for governor of Michigan in 2006, as a Republican, he lost by fourteen points, a slim margin. The campaign was said to be the costliest one ever. If you want to read Believe by Dick DeVos and Charles P.Conn, it’s available at Amazon, it tells how one can live a highly successful life.

Information can be found on Dick’s Wikipedia page.