Doe Deere Gives Fashion Advice

Recently Bustle did an article on Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and her rules for makeup. It’s not a coincidence to anyone that the “Queen of the Unicorns” doesn’t live by the fashion rules of today. With her hair in a vibrant blue hue and her lips boldly painted, it’s clear to see that she makes the rules for her own style. One of the first things that she warned fellow makeup wearers about is using a bold lip color and having boldly painted eyes.

Two much bold colors can be counterproductive. Choose one or the other for the perfect look. She went on to say that people tend to mix too many colors together. Stick with 2-3 main color and don’t overdo it. If you have a color that works on you, use it. Sometimes when dealing with vibrant and bold expressions, less is more. Another fault of those who want to express themselves is those that want to blend patterns on their clothing. Plaids and dots will never go together, but some colors aren’t so complimentary to each other either. The clothes and makeup should be in good taste. She stated that it is okay to think outside the box, just make sure to be tastefully done.

Another fashion faux pas that Deere spoke about was those that wear socks with open toed shoes. The reason for the open toe is to have a peek of the painted nail showing through. It can be very sexy, but the open toe with a sock just looks messy. It looks bulky and cheapens the whole look. It’s important to have an ensemble that just works well together. Some fashioned rules, however, are made to be thrown out. You don’t have to dress your age, and you certainly don’t have to only wear black, gray and other neutrals if you choose to wear vibrant hair and makeup colors.

Deere certainly marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t pay much attention to what others say about her. There’s always going to be tongue wagging, but she lives her life for her. Her style and opulent flair seem to suit her husband fine. He is her partner in the business and dedicates his life to helping her run the mega cosmetic empire that she does. She also employs her mother and sister to help along in the busy business venture.

She’s not your average Barbie looking girl. She doesn’t have the standard look that you would expect from someone who runs a beauty company. Yet, Deere is attractive and inviting. She doesn’t care what is going on around her, as long as she has harmony within. She has fallen more times than she cares to admit in business ventures, but she always gets back up and starts again. Perhaps that is why her Lime Crime business is thriving. The “Makeup of the Unicorns” seems to have a solid following, especially among teenagers. With new additions coming out frequently, it appears her company is here to stay.