What Do You Need to Know About Dating Apps?

The idea that teenagers are using dating apps is alarming to many parents. They may feel that their children are simply growing up too fast, or perhaps that they are putting themselves in danger. The best way to overcome some of these fears and know what is going on is by having some knowledge of the various types of apps available to teenagers and others to use.


It has a catchy name that is a little tongue in cheek play on the saying “what’s up?”. The thing that this app does is allow users to send one another short messages that could be in text, audio, or even video format. Whatever the case may be, it is a quick messenger service.

For the most part, teenagers are using this app to communicate with people they already know in the real world. However, there are perhaps some who might use it to meet strangers. Parents are recommended to have a conversation with their teenagers about this.

Kik Messenger

Another popular social application that works in much the same way as WhatsApp is Kik Messenger. This one allows users to also send messages to one another in a brief way. It is better than giving out your personal phone number for texting to everyone that you meet.

Those who use Kik can set up an account and just give out their username to those who they really feel comfortable with. That prevents them from having to give out an actual phone number to someone they may not be sure they can trust.


One app that many parents may not have yet heard about is called Skout. They are sure to start hearing about it soon because it is gaining in popularity very quickly.

Namely, Skout is a dating app that attempts to connect people who are in the same geographic area as one another. It is very useful in getting people together who are in the same area. Even better, those who travel a lot can use it to meet new people in the area no matter where they are. This should keep people excited about their chances to continue to make new friends and maybe even find a date.