What you should know about Life Line Screening Company

The company, Life Line Screening, runs a community-based health monitoring all across the United States for persons across all ages. The company well known for conducting wellness prevention was founded in the year 1934. Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully were the co-founders of the company in the state of Florida. Since then the company has expanded its bases across the USA and in 2007 it ventured to the United Kingdom. The population of those being screened has also risen to a number tallying to more than 500,000. In the year 2007, the company added some services such as finger-stick blood test that helps screen complete cholesterol count, inflammation, and diabetes. Other services like atrial fibrillations screenings were also included in 2008. Recent expansion was in Australia.

The worldwide company has completed 1million screens per year and has done over 8 million screens since its formation. Such screens include blood screening, ultrasound, and electrocardiographs. A fee is charged for the screening and over 16000 native communities that are provided for the services. Different services and studies have also been conducted to determine the quality of services being offered. The Better Business Bureau which ensures that standards and commitment to resolving complaints by consumers in good faith, accredited the company of their impeccable services. Line Line Screening awarded an A+ out a scale of A to F.

The company has done several partnerships with numerous insurance companies, organizations, and hospitals. The company has also been active in the field of medical research. In 2010 a clinical research conducted by 3.1 million patients given questioners, and those who completed an ultrasound machine evaluated it. The findings of the studies were that a positive association between increased smoking years and smoked cigarettes and an unhelpful connection with the feeling brought by smoking.

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